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Trip to Spain

And the fall had arrived but not the cold days yet, just the day we left, the cold began in Holland. Good for us that we were heading to the warm of Spain.

And this is what this post is about: our trip to Spain.

Last year we came to Spain to a small city called Peniscola, this was like a family trip, with my parents in law, my husband and the kids of course. This trip was lovely, but the weather was not always good and like it was not season anymore several stores were already closed. So, not much to do there beside our trips to Valencia and Barcelona, that was really nice.

This year, my parents in law invited us to come with them again to Spain, but this time to Benidorm, a city down to the South from Peniscola. We had arranged everything to come together with my brother in law and his girlfriend, my parents in law and us, to stay in different apartments. But we would stay different amount of time.

My parents in law travelled by car all the way from Holland two weeks before us, because they wanted to stop by in Peniscola again. And my husband, his brother – girlfriend, my kids and I travelled  together by plain.

Once here, we gathered to get together at the beach almost everyday. This was our time together and we loved it. The rest of the time we had different plans,you know, travel with kids means that you must find interesting things for them to do or see.

Ok, I was kind of contextualizing you all about everything, but now, I am going to tell you the story about our trip (OUR means: mama – papa – kids).

The first week we were still adjusting to the weather, the food and the apartment, mostly the kids, they take their time to adjust to anything. We went out for a walk every day to the city, to the beach, the shopping center and supermarket, you might think I’m a bit silly, but I kind of enjoy going to big supermarkets, and there are lots of them in Spain, I love it, it’s like you can find everything there.

Anyway, like I said, we walked a lot getting to know the place and exploring the place, mixing up with all the people here. I was surprised of how many turists from England and The Netherlands come here. There are beaches full of British, Irish and Dutch bars and restaurants. Seems like they took over the place, haha. Which is good for the economy for sure.

I also found out that there are neighborhoods of dutch comunities of people who come every year and stay for months scaping the cold of Holland or just people who decided to move in here.

Anyways, this is a very nice place, the weather, the food, the people…I would never get tired of this place.

The second week of being here we decided to go to Alicante, a city and port in Spain on the Costa Blanca, the capital of the province of Alicante. It is also a historic Mediterranean port.

We walked down through the city discovering places like: The Town Hall of Alicante and the very known “Paseo de la Explanada”, where we had lunch in one of the restaurant along the La Explanada. From this place we were also able to see the Castle of Santa Barbara on the top of a mountain. It was nice, but not easy to go with a stroller and a tired kid. Next time we’ll go.

In my opinion, it’s a worth to go city with pretty historical buildings, museums, gardens and beaches.

If you guys want to take a peek at the city, I suggest to click on this website that can come in handy to read before planing your visit.

Alicante, places to discover…

There is so much that I would like to share with you guys, that I might be writing several posts of this trip to Spain.  For example to DinoPark, Algar Waterfalls and Castell de Guadalest so far.

Come back in a couple days to find more updates…


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