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Not too long after I moved to this town, I started getting bored at home. I mean, not really bored of nothing to do, but wanted to do something else different than house cleaning or being just at home  with the kids.

I began looking on internet for new groups of handcraft or fitness to join around my house, but I just could found events for short periods, like workshops of handcrafting or lessons of how to run. It was not really was I was looking for. I wanted a place to get together with other moms and do fun things and talk.

Suddenly, it came to my mind the idea of making a MamaCafe, like the one in the other city I used to live which I frequented several times. So I wrote a message to the “Stichting”  (foundation), from the municipality of my town, asking for some kind of support to make this thing happen.
I was not very sure how I was going to make it, but still I wanted to try and see what their response was going to be.

Some of you might be thinking right now, what is MamaCafe?
MamaCafe is a place where moms get together to talk, to talk about their kids and their development, to ask and give advices, while having a cup of coffee/tea and the children play around. MamaCafe is also a place to chat about random things.

This place is made for moms to come and have a pleasant time with other moms like them (us). There are going to be also talks from professionals in development in kids, who would come periodically to answer questions about the developmental concerns that every mom has. And to not stop just there, there will be also activities for kids with the moms.

Well, coming back to the point…They answered my email back within a week, and I could not believe it, it was a fast and positive answer.

They thought it was very interesting and were willing to help in a way.

After a couple of emails, we made an appointment to meet with the director KOW (Kinderopvang Walcheren), and institution for childcare, preschools, primary schools and after-school care where most of the kids go in this province of Holland.

The idea was to ask if we could borrow one of the rooms of the school to have the meetings weekly.

The meeting with the KOW director was successful, we could agreed to use one room, the one where the primary school kids go after class, so we could use it in the morning.

The days, the time and starting date was settled on that appointment too.

We would be beginning after summer, every thursday from 9 – 11am.

And so that the day had come. There was one newspaper wanting to cover the news and several moms waiting to see what this MamaCafe was about.

Everything went good, people liked it and showed much interest.


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