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London baby

And it was until I made it to get there. What a beautiful city and culture.

By the beginning of the year we began to talk about going to London, but it was just an idea, nothing settled yet. And it was until the summer when we decided to make a trip to the majestic London.  We still had to  pick a date do some research. And you know, save some money, agree with the in laws to baby sit the kids and do some research. Finally in september, we packed our suitcases and took a train to the big island, England.

London is just a few 4 or 5 hours by train from my house, even though is not that simple to get there, and even more after the great immigration the last years. I don’t mean that it’s difficult but there are several stops with immigration and customs. The normal thing.

Once my husband and I got there, wow, so much to see and do.  We stayed in a hotel near by the Central Station, and there was a lot of movement on the streets, people walking fast, drinking beers, having dinner in the too many restaurants in the area.  I was astonished of how many coffee places  were there. I was loving every single thing that I saw.

The next day, we began our “tour” early in the morning. I was a little surprised to see people drinking beers outside of the bars just at 10 am. For me it was a little early to get some alcohol in your body, but surely it was not for any Londoner there. It was ok, all of them were having fun, and that’s what matters. Anyways, I was more “concerned” about trying to understand their sexy accent.  Seriously, it took me like a whole day to get to fully understand what I was being told. Thank god I had my husband by my side. English is not my first language, and you know, British and American pronunciation it’s a little different, you need to get used.

On the other hand, we were so happy that we could get to see many of the all London attractions.

We bought a ticket on the Hop On hop Off, so we could see almost all.

By walking down the streets of London I was amazed about how different is over there and how big everything is.  I could just start by mentioning that the UK drive on the left and that can get a little confusing sometimes. We had to be very careful before crossing the streets. Fortunately in every crossing there is a written sign on the ground that tells you to watch your left and/or right side, just in case a car is approaching.

One of the things I liked more was the guided tour of Jack the Ripper. I’ve read some books of his stories or kind of investigations about his deed. And, don’t take me wrong but I was fascinated with just walking over the same places the assassinations took place, or where he lived and walked. It was very interesting.

My other best place that I visited was the Natural History Museum, I was looking so forward to visit this place…and it was so cool to read and see how much we have changed though the years. And also to realized how much we have missed of our past.

Of course we could not miss to visit the Buckingham Palace, the Big Ben, Hyde Park, London Eye, Piccadilly Circus, Leicester Square, Galleries, among other places.

It was a wonderful place enriched with culture, flavors, smells, and beauty.


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