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Leaving preschool to enter primary school (Treats & Gifts)

After almost two years going in preschool (Peuter speel zaal in dutch), my oldest daughter Emily is going to enter to her first grade in primary school. She is enthusiastic about this new step, soon she will meet her friends from preschool who have left already. But I’ll tell you more on another post.

As usual here in The Netherlands, kids bring to preschool some treats to share with friends and celebrate their birthday, so does my daughter this time. I have found some inspiration on Internet so I have made some nice and delicious treats for the kids.

From the ideas I took from the Web I made myself a drawing of a sheep to stick to the rice crackers, so these look like the body of a sheep with her head and legs on paper.

Let’s see how they look like…

This is the link from where you could download the images of the sheep to print.
You could also write a message in the back and customize it as you wish.

Legs: Sheep Legs

Body: Sheep body

Head: Sheep Head

You will need:

  • Plastic wrap
  • Sheets of paper
  • Rice crackers
  • Transparent tape

The making it’s easier than what it looks. You just need to wrap the cracker with the plastic wrap and stick the circle on the side where the wrap corners join together, then you flip the cracker and paste the head of the sheep on the front, and the legs, in the back side under the circle, heading to the front. And voilà, the healthy and delicious sheep is ready to serve.

At the end, I just look at them on the plate and they looked so cute that I felt a little sad that they were going to be eaten, hehe.

Beside the treats (traktatie in dutch),  for the kiddos, I also made some presents for the teachers.
I bought three marmalade pots and filled them with different kinds of instant drinks and liquor filled chocolates.

These products down here are what I used. They are kinds of seasonal teas, coffee, hot chocolate and instant soup.

The celebration was simple but great. The children sat in a circle to sing songs to Emily and after that she brought the gifts to them and ate together. It was a cozy goodbye time for them.

And here is the gallery …

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