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Kust Marathon Zeeland

Since I came to The Netherlands I realize that people here like walking or running better than going to the Gym. There are people in this area where  I live that go to the gym to grow muscles and be fit, but in my opinion, there are more who prefer better walking outdoors .

I had always heard about the marathons and groups of people who gather together to go walking or running, but I had never been part of any of those. Until last year that I decided together with my husband to join a marathon. I have to accept that we got a little bit too enthusiastic and beside the marathon we joined another events of trails,  like Colours by the Sea, City Trail Middelburg, and Kust Marathon Zeeland which was the real deal. Or at least for me.

I had never walked or run any other marathon, so I did not know what to really expect. I was kind of silly thinking that this was a piece of cake.

When the day arrived we left the house very early, it was still dark outside, and we drove until a town 5 kms from our house and there were the busses waiting for the people to bring them to the starting area of the Marathon. It was unbelievable, how many people where driving there, there was a whole line of cars heading to Burgh Haamstede (starting place of The event).

Once there, we placed our registration number on our shirts and waited for the sign to start. There were five thousand people participating.

In the beginning everything was easy, everybody walked fast and close to each other. We walked across the bridges that connect the “islands” of Holland and it was around 22 kilometer when we joined the beach.

The day was not pretty at all, it was raining and very windy, so when we stepped on the beach everything changed for me. It was very bad weather for the event. Along the walk on the sand my body starting to not respond good. I was very tired already and my knees were bothering me a lot.

It was a moment when I though I was not going to make it, and a man showed up on my side and started talking to me. This gave me more energy and hope to continue.

Finally, I saw the end of the route at that beach and my heart start jumping faster of happiness, I was thinking that when I started walking on the pavement I was going to recover. But this was not true. When I put my feet on the pavement road my knees worked no more. I had to stop, change my socks and stretch the legs, but it was not enough of rest to continue.

My husband was already joining the other beach, after crossing through the forest which I was supposed to be starting by then.

Sadly I had to call my father in law to pick me up, since I could not walk anymore. It was very frustrating for me, but on the other hand I was also proud of myself for walking 25 kilometers without even training.

My husband could finish one hour after I quit. He took 8 hours to walk 43 km in bad weather conditions. I am so proud.

That night on the news, many contestants were interviewed and all of them said that this was the hardest marathon ever since.

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