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Christmas Time

Oh, what a lovely time! My favorite for sure.

This is my busiest time of the year, it came with new projects, re decorations, more cooking, visits to family and christmas markets and of course, shopping.

I am a bit sad because I have been not writing too much lately, this time got me short of time and lots of thing to do.

As I told you in a post last year, it feels different for me to celebrate it in Holland. But since I already know how the “thing” works here I made the best of it.

I have been very enthusiastic and proactive this December.

To start, my oldest daughter and I made the christmas tree together. A fake, but pretty one.

We had decided not to buy a real one because it just brings more dirty and mosquitos to the living room, so we agreed to buy a fake one to store every year.

So we began with the christmas tree and decorations, then the nativity crib that  can not be missing during this time. My mom has always made it in our house so I wanted to continue with this tradition in my new home. I am always excited about this, it’s kind of a game, recreating the nativity scene very year. I try to make it different every december, bit it’s kind of hard since I got not much space to place it. Anyways I try my best to make it look good. My daughter love it as well, I have got them playing with it once.

My daughter Emily was as happy as me getting the christmas decorations placed. She helped me with everything. My husband was just in charged of putting the lights on the windows . He is very tall, so this job is perfect for him.

The third week of december I made some traditional recipes from Colombia, buñuelos and natilla. I have to enjoyed them a lot.

But Colombian traditional food was not the only thing on our table, Holland has also its tradition on this time of the year. Olliebollen.

These are sweet fried doughnuts balls filled with or without raising which taste delicious. They sell them everywhere during christmas time and new years eve.

This year we have celebrated christmas for three days in a row: christmas eve, dinner with the four of us, 25 december, brunch together again and 26 december, dinner with all the family. Each one of us brought food to share together. There was beef in cranberry sauce, salmon in the oven, chicken with champignon sauce, rice with vegetables, fries, salad and maybe something else that I am probably forgetting right now.

Oh, I can not forget this, lots of wine!  It can not be little of this, haha.

New years eve was also very nice and enjoyable. We rented together with the friends a house on the border of Belgium and France. What a beautiful place around and what a wonderful time together.


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