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A busy but great day

Today we have visited three wonderful places: Algar Waterfalls, DinoPark and Guadalest Castle.

We drove very early this morning to see the waterfalls of Algar, a protected area by the Valencian Government. It is a 1.5 km length along theme park, which purpose is to show about the importance of water as a environmental resource.

This is a beautiful place where we could see sources springs, water pools and the waterfalls. We arrived early in the morning so it was a little chill, but when it becomes warmer people could easily jump into the natural pools.

The trails through the mountain aside the waters are also very beautiful.

After we finished the trip to the waterfalls we headed to the DinoPark. Our daughter Emily was so excited to see the big dinosaurs, and to be honest, I was too.

The park is very close the waterfalls, so we came there just after minutes driving. This park is big is very realistic in y opinion, kids could easily be fooled by it.

We took around 1 hour to walk along the park and which was on a hill, so we must go up and down on it. We ended up in the cafeteria which was a bit disappointing for us, because we’re expecting to have lunch over there. Anyways, we still had a lot of time to grab something to eat somewhere else.

In short, we liked the park, we enjoyed the stroll around it and the beautiful view of the mountains.

Very recommended for the families to come over while vacations.

Our next step, was kind of surprise of my husband, because we were already heading back to the apartment and looking to grabs some lunch in the way back, but I started to realize that we were going to a wrong direction, heading more up to the hill, and not to the beach where our vacations apartment is. I asked my love if he wanted to bring us somewhere else and he denied it all, ” No, sweetie, we’re going back to our place”. I did not buy it, still thinking we were going the opposite way.

I have always been very interested on castles and medieval things and my hubby knows it.

So we had almost reached the top of the mountain when I saw the castle. He had been sneaky all the way up. He wanted to surprise me and our daughter with this trip to this old place, and so we could make our three different places trip a natural, cultural and fun excursion.

The castle we saw today is just the remain of what it was before, because it collapsed due an earthquake in the 1600’s .

We went inside the house where the families who owned the castle lived. It was refurbished in order to make it an Municipal Museum.

It was awesome, and not just the castle itself, but the little road inside, the museum house with all the old furniture, the souvenirs stores and the absolutely amazing view.

The story of the castle is very interesting. I am going to link the story of it here for you guys to read it.


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